Friday, 8 June 2012

A Lord doing Duties on behalf of his absent Devotee - Part-II

A Collection of True Stories
A Lord doing Duties on behalf of his absent Devotee
Sounds Strange, Yet a true story of a Railway Officer!
 (For being declared present and on duty each time he went into Samadhi at his home. Physically he was absent, Yet… to everyone he appeared to be on duty! Then who was carrying out his duties… Wearing his name and face!!! The Railway Officer Quit His Job, When Realized the Truth)

By Vijay Khosla

The tale of Mr. Gupta attaining the state of Samadhi has already been narrated in the previous story. His destiny played a great role in fulfilling that achievement.  

The days were passing on as usually. Mr. Gupta spent more time in concentrating on his meditation besides attending to his office duties as a railway officer. His wife too paid special attention to his needs and kept every thing ready in the Pooja Room for use during Pooja.  

The personality of Mr. Gupta had completely changed. The aura exhibited by his physical being was extra ordinary. His personality was such that his mere presence exuded positive vibes in and around him.

In early seventies, no body had heard of reiki healing at Allahabad, whereas Mr. Gupta was practically healing people suffering from various ailments by waving his palms on the affected part of the body. This boon of healing had gradually developed into him after the incident of taking Samadhi.

As it happened, one day one of his officers fell from the 1st floor while descending the stairs. The officer got hit in the backbone and was suffering from a severe backache. The news of the accident reached up to Mr. Gupta too. Immediately he went to the site of accident and asked the ailing officer to remove the shirt to enable him to inspect the injury. The fellow officer’s shirt and vest was removed and Mr. Gupta found the inflamed bluish spot on the back. Almost without realizing, Mr. Gupta inadvertently extended his right hand to touch the inflamed spot to soothe the pain. He kept on moving his palm and fingers for a minute or two on the inflamed spot.

Lo and behold! The ailing officer stopped crying of pain as the inflammation got greatly reduced and the spot where the officer was hit did not look threatening any more. In fact, a day’s rest was sufficient to recoup. Everybody present over there was surprised at this amazing feat. They praised Mr. Gupta candidly.

The news of healing power exhibited by Mr. Gupta spread like a wild fire and gradually the people suffering from various ailments and inflammations started approaching him and requested him to spread the umbrella of soothing waves emitted by his palms to cure them. Very soon, Mr. Gupta became famous for his healing charisma. Since, he did not charge for his services, a crowd of suffering humanity began gathering at his doors.  

Mr. Gupta was a very busy man now. Besides attending to his railway duties and daily meditations, he was also giving time to serve the mankind with his god gifted healing powers. Normally, he conducted these sessions in an open veranda of his house in the evening. He tried his best to attend to as many people as he could to relieve them of their insurmountable sorrows and physical pains.

But, these lengthy evening sessions started showing their after-affects on his physical being. Mr. Gupta started feeling tired and drained out after these schedules. He felt compelled to reduce the serving hours and made it thrice a week. His last solace to recoup his drained energies was his own temple.

Mr. Gupta used to bathe to cleanse himself and to feel refreshed after the evening session with people. It had become a routine for him before entering the temple. And once inside the sanctum sanctorum of his temple, he shut himself from the outside world. There….inside the temple…he sat in Padmasana at the feet of his deity Radha-Krishna and talked his heart out. He behaved as if Radha-Krishna were present and listening to him. While talking to his deity of Radha-Krishna, he used to get drowsy at times. This drowsiness made his eye lids heavy and compelled him to shut his eyes. When this happened, he knew what to do next and concentrated on his Mantra-Jap with the Rudraksha Mala.

This step usually led him into a trance and cut him off from the physical world. Sometimes, he used to see a globe of bluish light in front of him. Though he did not know… why… but when ever he saw that globe of light…he offered his salutations to pay his respect. Then slowly and very slowly…that globe of light used to advance towards his enter his physical being… uninvited…to overtake him. For a few seconds…a sort of war erupted between his consciousness and subconscious being. And in the end, it was always that super-natural thing which won the skirmish and led him to the wonderful world of subconciousness.  

No harm ever came to Mr. Gupta out of these skirmishes. In fact, on each occasion, Mr. Gupta felt himself very light and soared to infinite heights like a ball of cloud…flying to unknown places. His soul liberated from the bondage of his physical being!

 The very first time when it happened…he was afraid of this advancing globe of light. Yet, within his subconscious he had known with out being told that this globe of light is friendly and has come to make him aware of something unknown to him. That it has paid the visit to be friendly and share some experiences of another world (I shall try to reveal those experiences gained by Mr. Gupta some other time).

In the beginning, his Samadhi used to last for a few minutes. Then the time span began to extend day by day. When it crossed the limit of an hour and Mr. Gupta did not come out of the Pooja Room, Mrs. Gupta got worried and went to the temple in the late evening.

The atmosphere inside the room was full of piety and peaceful. A soothing calmness permeated everything inside the Pooja Room. And the energy pervading the sanctum sanctorum was like a refreshing morning breeze. It was very potent.

She found Mr. Gupta bent at the feet of the deity of Radha-Krishna with his eyes closed. He had his left arm around the ankle of the deity and his forehead was rested on his left arm. The partially visible face was radiant and peaceful and his right hand held the Rudraksha Mala. He was sitting still like a statue at the feet of Radha-Krishna.  

She approached her husband and called out softly. At the same time, she felt that strange refreshing fragrance swirling around Mr. Gupta. The envelope of fragrance had covered Mr. Gupta from all around as if to protect him. She recognized that sweet fragrance from her previous experience. She knew that her husband is well and gone into Samadhi. Therefore, it is better to wait and leave him alone. She went near to the statue of Radha-Krishna and folded her hands in the Namaskar Mudra. She prayed for the well being of her husband and came out of the Pooja Room.

This time it so happened that Mr. Gupta did not come out of his Samadhi for more than four hours. Mrs. Gupta was worried but at each inspection she found her husband well and did not dare to break his Samadhi. Ultimately, he came out of his Samadhi in a normal manner.

The routine of going into Samadhi for lengthy periods by Mr. Gupta kept recurring time and again. Earlier it used to be during his meditations in the evenings. But now, at times Mr. Gupta went into Samadhi in the mornings also and remained in the Samadhi for considerable length of hours. In other words, he got absent from his duty for those many hours unknowingly. Though, Mr. Gupta was worried in the beginning (of this practice), but no one seemed to notice it. Everyone behaved as if Mr. Gupta was present all the times.

Days kept on passing in the usual manner. At times, Mr. Gupta felt it strange that no one takes any notice of his coming late to the office and surprisingly the work also gets done without any pendency. It troubled him but he kept quite.

Then one day, a strange thing happened. Mr. Gupta went into Samadhi in the morning and came out of it in the evening. Therefore, going to office was out of question. On top of that, there was an urgent meeting scheduled for the day. When Mr. Gupta came out of his Samadhi and remembered about the scheduled meeting, he was worried and got anxious to know the fate of the meeting. With great concern, he rang up his superior officer to explain the dilemma.

Once the call got connected, his superior officer was all ga-ga and full of praise of Mr. Gupta’s deft handling of the meeting. He was very happy with the outcome of the meeting. When Mr. Gupta heard all this from his superior officer and realized that he was present in the meeting and had handled it wisely, he became dumb-struck. Slowly, he replaced the phone on its cradle. It became clear to him that his Lord was arranging the things for him while he remained in the Samadhi. He was happy and at the same time astonished also. Finally, he went to his temple and sat at the feet of his deity of Radha-Krishna and prayed for their guidance.

He pondered on the subject of his absentee from the duty and intervention by his Lord on his behalf. At last, he decided in favour of ‘Quitting his Railway Service so that his Lord is not made to intervene on his behalf’. He couldn’t bear that.

He informed his wife of the happenings and his decision thereof as well as submitted his resignation from the Indian Railway Services. In due course, he was discharged from service.   

 His house got converted in to an ashram and that’s where I had had the fortune of seeing him and his wife in person and received their Blessings!

Great are the ways of God! And to decipher his signs…is ‘His Will’…. Amen!